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  • Henry


    Director of Operations

    Henry O.

    Director of Operations

    I’ve been doing content marketing since 2010, when I started an agency of my own. That company failed (I didn’t know what I was doing) but I learned a ton. Since then, I’ve been finding out what works and what doesn’t in B2B content. My job is to focus on the data (like this and this) to figure out exactly how to attract the right people to Nectafy and its clients. Since we're a fully remote company, I also share some insights about working from home on my site, Buildremote, like this one about alternative work weeks and this article about home office desks and chairs.

    I’m originally from Boston, and now live in San Diego. I love my wife, my two daughters, basketball, and travel (I’ll let you sort out the order). And my daughters love milk.

  • Gabby


    Head of Client Success

    Gabby S.

    Head of Client Success

    I developed an interest for content creation at an early age. Back then, it was by way of drafting and illustrating tall tales and writing, directing, and starring in my own plays (how embarrassing). These days, I prefer to stay behind the scenes by helping our team deliver world-class content for our clients. I’m also slightly obsessed with planning and being organized, which comes in handy since that’s my job.

    I live in upstate New York with my husband and our two sons, and am happiest when enjoying the little things in life: good books, delicious meals, twinkling Christmas lights, being outdoors, spending time with family and friends, and making our sons belly laugh (that one's my favorite). 

  • Matt


    Lead Content Strategist

    Matt K.

    Lead Content Strategist

    Matt’s the name and storytelling is my game!

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved reading, writing, and watching stories of all kinds, including books, movies, comic books, video games, and more. I think they’ve helped me grow into a more empathetic and open-minded person.

    A few years ago, I discovered the beauty that is content marketing and realized I can use my storytelling and analytical skills to help other companies grow their businesses.

    I’ve been in love ever since. Now, I’m a content marketing/storytelling nerd. I read the latest industry blog posts, listen to every podcast I can get my hands on, and have even created my own short story blog!

    Outside of content marketing, some of my favorite things include my girlfriend and our cat Ziggy, music of all genres (even country sometimes!), and sports (basketball is my favorite).


  • Bridget


    Growth Content Strategist

    Bridget F.

    Growth Content Strategist

    Growing up, it didn’t take long for me to realize my main passion in life was storytelling. Whether I was reading someone else’s story through books or spinning my own through intricately crafted white lies (my parents called me a “spirited child”), stories were always at the forefront. Now, as an adult, my passions have expanded to include analytics, content, and helping businesses reach their full potential. 

    When I’m not knee-deep in Excel sheets, I can be found either camped out at the local library or desperately searching for my next favorite restaurant. Other hobbies include hiking, cooking (I’m a big foodie!), board games, traveling, and being the worst player on my kickball team.

    Bridget F.
  • Meredith


    Growth Content Writer

    Meredith D.

    Growth Content Writer

    I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember—which goes only as far back as sixth grade, where I got a stellar review for a fiction story from my English teacher. Since then I’ve just kept writing, everything from plays and movie scripts (no, you haven’t seen them) to newsletters, other people’s cover letters, and more. Now, I love writing authentic, insightful content that helps Nectafy clients attract their dream customers. I also love working for a company that embraces growth and change.

    On my list of favorite things: my family and home in Connecticut, traveling, podcasts, a good play, mysteries, and Halloween.

  • Emily


    Growth Content Writer

    Emily N.

    Growth Content Writer

    When I was younger, I spent a lot of time looking up the origin of words; now, I spend a lot of time assembling them. My goal is to write content for our clients that clarifies their brilliant, complex ideas, tools, or products, so they can share them with future customers in meaningful ways. I’m also a photographer, a Cornhusker, an Enneagram Type 4, a chicken owner, and an INFJ—but more than anything my favorite titles are “wife” and “mom.”

  • Brandon


    Growth Content Writer

    Brandon H.

    Growth Content Writer

    Not to sound like a boring corporate bio or anything, but… communication is my passion! Down to the core of my being. This is not a game. (Though I do love gaming!)

    Maintaining strong relationships with friends and family is so important to me. And while that may take a little sugar, spice, and other things nice, it also takes great communication.

    Luckily, writing was my favorite method of communication growing up. I had a knack for it, and I liked how I could collect and record my thoughts in a way that really made an impression.

    And I continue to do that to this day. Only now I get paid for it. (Take that, guidance counselor!)

  • Brien


    Growth Content Writer

    Brien S.

    Growth Content Writer

    Professionally, I'm a content writer. That's sort of like calling a chef a "thing cooker," though, so I'll try to be more specific.

    I write about business for businesses. I do this despite not having much of a mind for business myself. I like to think of myself as a conduit for other people's brilliance.

    I don't get bored. Every industry holds a piece of the way the world works. I like to throw back those curtains and take a look.

    I live in the post-industrial Midwest with an irreverent florist and two cats, one good and one bad.

    Brien S.
  • Afton


    Growth Content Writer

    Afton B.

    Growth Content Writer

    I’ve been a storyteller since childhood, when I wrote my first "book" about horses in a hardcover notebook—in pencil. Now with 10 years of experience as a professional writer, my work has been featured in numerous publications. In 2019, I started a content marketing company where I work regularly with fantastic organizations like Nectafy to tell stories for clients that truly drive connection and action.

    Born and raised in Eastern Canada, I’ve lived across the country near the Canadian Rockies with my husband Cody, our two dogs, and two cats for the better part of a decade. I love spending time outdoors hiking, paddle boarding, and cross-country skiing. Travel is also one of my greatest passions.

    Afton B. Connect Online
  • Anam


    Growth Content Writer

    Anam J.

    Growth Content Writer

    I have been wordsmithing professionally for decades, first in book publishing as the editor of the yellow-and-black For Dummies books and later moving to online content in all its various forms for marketing agencies and tech companies. I love translating jargon-heavy topics into engaging content that people actually use and understand.

    When I'm not at a laptop, I'm traveling to places like Cambodia or Spain, building Lego structures with my two daughters, or trying out new recipes in the kitchen with my husband.

    Anam J.
  • Jenny


    HR Assistant

    Jenny C.

    HR Assistant

    I’ve always had a weakness for good words. I’ve been known to hide in my closet to finish a chapter or to forget about supper because I’m reading a cookbook.

    I enjoy entertaining, trading Brian Regan lines across the dinner table, and watching movies from the ’90’s. I like bumping about the country in our orange camper, buying yarn I’ll never knit, and theoretically debating whether I’d rather live in Glacier National Park or on Mackinac Island.

    After teaching high school and college level English for several years, I chose to duck the system and home educate our three children. Teaching them to love learning has been my biggest accomplishment yet.

    Jenny C. Stuff I've written
  • Lance



    Lance C.


    If you ask anyone who knows me well, they’ll tell you that I’m a bit all over the place, both attentionally (not a real word) and geographically.

    I’ll admit I’m prone to distraction, but I never get over how unbelievable it is to be a part of such an amazing team here at Nectafy. Way back in the middle ages when I started this thing, I only dreamed it would be this much fun. And when I’m not Nectafying things, (actually, even when I am) I’m spending quantity/quality time with my family—making memories traveling around the country, encouraging curiosity in my kids, and living a life free of regrets.

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