B2B Content Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Brandon Hastings

by Brandon Hastings • 2 minute read


You know you have the best product in your industry. It can solve several challenges your target audience deals with every day, whether they’re senior executives, HR personnel, or project managers.

But you know that barging into their office and demanding they try your product—even if doing so would benefit them—isn’t going to bear much fruit. In fact, you’re likely to end up being thrown out by security.

So what do you do instead? Consider your options. One is to create paid ads. While far superior to and safer than unannounced office visits, ads are expensive. They also don’t generate leads over the long term—as soon as you turn them off, poof goes your sales funnel.

Another option—the lead generation approach that does work long term—is B2B content marketing. You’ve no doubt heard about it since you’re here, but what is B2B content marketing exactly?

B2B content marketing is simply the practice of producing and distributing content to increase your brand awareness, web traffic, and leads. It’s a way of growing your business through content.

If you want to excel with B2B content marketing, this comprehensive guide is for you. Check out the curated resources below to jump-start your journey.

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Chapter 1: Valuable B2B Content Marketing Statistics

Chapter 1: Valuable B2B Content Marketing Statistics

The B2B content marketing industry is bustling, with the content marketing services business currently projected to hit $105.28 billion in 2025. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Learn more about the industry, company adoption, and lead generation by perusing this list of more than 80 statistics about the space here:

80+ B2B Content Marketing Statistics

Chapter 2: How To Create A B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Chapter 2: How To Create A B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Before attempting to create content, you need to plan. (After all, strategy comes before execution.) You can develop a B2B content marketing strategy in just six steps, all of which are explained in detail here:

How To Create A B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Chapter 3: How To Build A B2B Content Marketing Funnel

Chapter 3: How To Build A B2B Content Marketing Funnel

You’re likely familiar with the concept of a sales or marketing funnel, but did you know there’s a difference between B2B and B2C funnels? See how they differ and how they relate to B2B content marketing in this post:

Creating A Funnel For Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy

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Chapter 4: Inspiring B2B Content Marketing Examples

Chapter 4: Inspiring B2B Content Marketing Examples

Last but not least, everyone appreciates examples. What does B2B marketing content actually look like? What are the tangible items you can produce to help generate leads? Get answers in this detailed post:

12 B2B Content Marketing Examples You Need To Check Out

Chapter 5: Eye-Opening Content Marketing Challenges

Chapter 5: Eye-Opening Content Marketing Challenges

Content marketing for B2B brands can be a rocky road, though the payoff is certainly worthwhile. For example, even if you produce valuable content that you feel is worth the read, getting your target audience to engage with it is more difficult than you might expect. Reader engagement is a top challenge in this space, but it’s not the only one.

See what other challenges businesses are facing with content marketing—and steps you can take to overcome them—in this post:

Top 7 Content Marketing Challenges For Small Businesses

Chapter 6: Useful B2B Marketing Books

Chapter 6: Useful B2B Marketing Books

Want to know more about B2B content marketing? Don’t be afraid to pick up a book! There’s no shortage of expert advice from people who’ve done it before and learned a thing or two already—things they’re willing to share with you. The linked article below features books on content marketing and other related topics—psychology, social media, sales, general marketing, and more—to give you a well-rounded view of the practice.

45 Best B2B Marketing Books

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