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Success story #1

ClearPoint grew from 400 monthly organic visits to more than 100,000 in 3 years.

Key statistics
  • 250x Increase in organic visits
  • 165x Increase in organic leads
  • 80x ROI on one blog post alone
The problem

ClearPoint’s management reporting software was ready for growth, but leads were sparse at about 40 per month.

The solution

Nectafy and ClearPoint developed a growth content plan for three months, which included personas, whitepapers and offers, keyword research, and targeted blog posts. Four years later, our partnership is still going strong, averaging 3,000+ leads per month.


“Nectafy has helped us quickly and exponentially grow our website traffic, leads, and free trial requests. With all of this growth from good content, we've been able to shift our focus from figuring out how to attract people to talking to the right ones who come through the funnel.”

Dylan Miyake, ClearPoint Strategy - Dylan Miyake, Co-Founder at ClearPoint Strategy

0 to 6,000organic visits

Launched site and grew to 300+ leads per month in one year.

3xgrowth in blog leads

Secured 50 new page-one keywords & tripled blog leads in one year.

282 new customers

Created 200+ new customers in two years with growth content.

Success story #2

Link Labs grew from 60 monthly organic leads to 870 in one year.

Key statistics
  • 1912% Increase in blog views
  • 974% Increase in organic visits
  • 1351% Increase in organic leads
The problem

Link Labs, an Internet of Things startup, had funding, a strong team of wireless engineers, and a platform ready to build on. They needed to quickly grow visits and leads in a rapidly expanding field.

The solution

Nectafy and Link Labs built an engineer persona and a targeted list of specific keywords the persona would likely be searching. From there, we wrote technical blog posts to attract these engineers and turn them into leads. Four years later, the partnership has grown into two product websites and thousands of leads per month.


"We raised $5.7 million of venture capital investment, partially because our market penetration is so enormous, thanks in large part to Nectafy."

Brian Ray, Link Labs - Brian Ray, Founder at Link Labs

5xorganic lead growth

Helped grow from six to 30 monthly organic leads with growth content consulting in one year.

70new keyword rankings

Secured new page-one Google rankings and increased organic leads by 450% in 18 months.

$3 million+revenue

Growth content is the only way we’ve grown our business since launching Nectafy in 2012.

Success story #3

Shipping Solutions has grown from 20 monthly free trial requests to more than 100 while shutting off paid spend.

Key statistics
  • 100% decrease In paid spend over 3 years
  • 3000 to 100000+ Change in monthly blog views
  • 5233% Increase in organic visits
The problem

Shipping Solutions, an export documentation software company, was spending the majority of its budget on paid search and direct mail. The company reached a point where the ROI was no longer there and began searching for a new way to bring in leads.

The solution

Nectafy and Shipping Solutions have worked together since early 2014 in various agreements and growth content phases. But each phase had the same goal: to grow organic visits, leads, sales opportunities, and customers. Over that time, monthly bottom-of-funnel requests have increased four-fold, blog views have grown to 100,000+ per month, and paid spend has been turned off.


“Growth content works. Almost every month, we see an increase in the traffic that comes to our website, the number of prospects, and the number of qualified leads we’re getting. It’s fun to see the graphs going higher and higher each month.”

David Noah - David Noah, President

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