Should Your Company Try This? - Setting A Marketing Budget

Lance Cummins

by Lance Cummins • 16 minute watch

Should Your Company Try This? - Setting A Marketing BudgetAllocating your marketing budget can be a tricky business.

To assign your resources wisely, you need to make sure you’re tying your marketing budget to your company’s growth goals and tracking the results you’re getting.

If you don’t know the return on investment of your marketing budget, you’re missing valuable insights on what’s working and what’s not.

Watch this video to learn where to start when it comes to setting, tracking, and allocating a marketing budget—and why knowing the ROI of your marketing budget will help you invest your money in the areas that will grow your company.

Across all industries (both B2B and B2C), marketing budgets made up 11.4% of total company budgets in 2018. (B2B product firms spent 10.4%, and B2B service firms spent 12.6%.)

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