How much should you invest in
Growth Content?

Here's an explanation of our cost approach,
and how much you can expect to invest in Growth Content.

We start with a two-week strategy project.

This lays the foundation for your Growth Content Plan. We run a health check on your website, learn about your target persona, find the best long-term keywords and topics to pursue, and plan your first month's content calendar.

It takes two weeks and costs $4,000.

Then, we build out your optimal monthly plan together.

Each of our products and services are assigned what we call NectaPoint(NP) values. Based on our recommendations and your budget, you simply choose the number of NectaPoints you'd like to purchase monthly. Then, we'll work together to pick the right mix of products and services to drive your company's growth.

1 NectaPoint (NP) = $150

The menu below lists all the products we deliver and their NectaPoint values.

The baseline package we recommend is $8,100 per month.

Change the quantity column to pick what you'd like to see delivered for your company.



Content Planning (Per Piece)

The complete strategy for each blog article we plan to write

Website Technical Performance Review

Diagnosis of your website’s functionality and recommended improvements

Google Update Recovery Plan

A plan to regrow organic traffic post-Google algorithm updates

Site Map

A strategy project to rebuild the hierarchy of your site’s web pages


Mini Blog Post

600- to 800-word blog post

Guest Post

600- to 800-word blog post to be published on a different website

Refresh Post

600- to 800-word rewrite, addition, or combination of existing articles

Standard Post

1,200- to 1,600-word blog post

Medium Post

1,800- to 2,400-word blog post

Large Post

2,400- to 3,200-word blog post

XL Post

3,500- to 4,500-word blog post including repurposed articles

Pillar Post

1,200- to 1,600-word blog post that serves as a hub for multiple articles on a topic

Database Post

2,000-word blog post with primary research, graphics, personalized LinkedIn posts

Survey Post

2,000-word blog post with ideas from up to hundreds of contributors

Case Study

Customer story up to 800 words


Visual representation of a topic with data, images, and text

Web Page

Copy, design, and development for a new web page

Landing Page Bundle

Copy, design, and development for a new landing page (and elements to support it)

Content Offer Bundle

Copy and design for a downloadable resource for lead capture

Wikipedia Page

A company page written for Wikipedia

Simple Email

Copy for an email up to 150 words

Email Workflow

Copy for up to five emails in a nurturing sequence

Email Newsletter

Copy and delivery of an email digest featuring up to five items


Hand-drawn illustration to support a piece of content

Expert Opinions

External SME Network

Connections with five external subject matter experts for ongoing content interviews

Guest Post Network

Connections with 10 external websites for guest article contributions

Podcast Episode

Plan, record, and produce an audio interview

Video Interview

Plan, record, and produce a video discussion


45-Minute Meeting

Monthly video conference with our Head of Client Success and Strategist

Monthly Reporting

Monthly dashboard presentation and discussion about results

Strategy Consulting

One-hour video discussion about long-term strategy ideas

HubSpot Onboarding

Implementation of a checklist of best practices for the marketing software

Total NectaPoints
Monthly Investment

Interested in working with Nectafy?

We encourage you to apply! Our next available start dates for new clients are: April 3 and May 1, 2023.

If you'd like to claim your spot, book a "Why" call with Lance, our founder. We'll discuss why you are advocating for Growth Content at your company, and how we can help.

If you aren't happy with the quality of the content you see in the first month, we'll refund you.