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Treat Your Ears To 19 Of The Best Marketing Podcasts

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by Marisa Dube on

Treat Your Ears To 19 Of The Best Marketing Podcasts

Some of you may think I’m strange, but reading is one of my favorite hobbies. When I was young, I would hide myself under the covers at bedtime with a flashlight and a book because I just had to finish The Babysitter’s Club, Harry Potter, or The Boxcar Children—whatever was gripping my attention that particular night.

Fast forward 15 years later and I still enjoy reading, but certainly don’t have the extra time to spend hours pouring over books (especially now that I have a toddler!). One day, my husband gave me the idea of listening to books—and it was a great one! With audio books, I can pay attention to my son and maybe get a few things done around the house, but still get to enjoy a book. Then it hit me—I could use that same idea in my work.

It’s vital to stay on top of marketing news and trends. But many of us don’t have an extra hour or two during the workweek to attribute to reading and learning. (I have to admit—this actually isn’t the case for us at Nectafy. Being avid learners is one of our core values, so we have two hours of what we call “skill development” built into our schedules every week. I love it!)

But if you are in the camp of not having time to read about the latest marketing ideas, you can use the same idea my husband gave me—listen to them instead! There are plenty of great marketers that record and distribute their thoughts on marketing into podcasts (digital audio files you can download and listen to on your computer or MP3 player).

But, because there are so many marketing podcasts out there, it’s hard to identify which are the best marketing podcasts—the ones that actually share valuable information.

Well, we’ve done all the hard work for you. We went through hundreds of marketing podcasts and pulled out 19 of the best marketing podcasts online. In this one list, you’ll know how many episodes are currently available of each podcast, how often each submits new episodes, and how to find them online and on iTunes. We’ve ordered them according to their total number of episodes (as of February 18, 2015).

So, without further ado, here are 19 of the best marketing podcasts for your learning (and enjoyment!).

19. The Lede

best-marketing-podcasts-1910 episodes
Submits twice per month

Join hosts Jerod Morris and Demian Farnworth to hear their truly useful, specific thoughts on subjects like copywriting, content marketing, email marketing, conversion optimization, and many more.

Click here to find The Lede on iTunes.


18. The BeanCast

best-marketing-podcasts-1810 episodes
Submits once per week

Every week, host Bob Knorpp invites leaders in marketing, advertising, and public relations to discuss the industry’s latest news and trends with a “healthy dose of perspective.”

Click here to find The BeanCast on iTunes.


17. The Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

best-marketing-podcasts-1714 episodes
Submits 1-3 times per month

Host John Jantsch is a leading expert in small business marketing. Join him to hear his interviews with authors, experts, and thought leaders as they discuss business marketing tips and techniques.

Click here to find The Duct Tape Marketing Podcast on iTunes.


16. Content Inc.

best-marketing-podcasts-1622 episodes
Submits twice per week

Host Joe Pulizzi is known as the “godfather of content marketing.” In 15 minutes or less, you’ll get great, helpful marketing and business advice.

Click here to find Content Inc. on iTunes.


15. The Marketing Companion

best-marketing-podcasts-1543 episodes
Submits twice per month

Each month, Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster join forces to bring you entertaining, interesting, and thought-provoking insights and ideas on marketing.

Click here to find The Marketing Companion on iTunes.


14. The Mad Marketing Podcast

best-marketing-podcasts-1444 episodes
Submits 1-2 times per month

Every episode, host Marcus Sheridan answers listener-submitted questions about marketing in an honest, personal way.

Click here to find The Mad Marketing Podcast on iTunes.


13. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

best-marketing-podcasts-1346 episodes
Submits twice per month

If you want to learn how to monetize your online marketing and blogging efforts, you’ll love what hostess Amy Porterfield will share with you.

Click here to find Online Marketing Made Easy With Amy Porterfield on iTunes.


12. This Old Marketing Podcast

best-marketing-podcasts-1265 episodes
Submits 2-5 times per month

Hosts Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose are two of the most well-known names in content marketing. Listen in to hear their thoughts on marketing trends, some rants on what’s going on in the industry, and a lesson from “old marketing.”

Click here to find This Old Marketing Podcast on iTunes.


11. The #AskGaryVee Show

best-marketing-podcasts-1171 episodes
Submits twice per week

Every episode, host Gary Vaynerchuck gives knowledgeable, actionable answers to listener-submitted questions on marketing, social media, and entrepreneurship.

Click here to find The #AskGaryVee Show on iTunes.


10. The New Business Podcast

best-marketing-podcasts-1083 episodes
Submits once per week

If you’re in a start-up business or are an established entrepreneur, host Chris Ducker will give you sound information on “new business” marketing, tips, growth strategies like social media, blogging and podcasting, and much more.

Click here to find The New Business Podcast on iTunes.


9. Social Media Zoom Factor

best-marketing-podcasts-0999 episodes
Submits 1-4 times per week

Hostess Pam Moore has been ranked as a Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer by Forbes. If you’re interested in learning how to integrate social media, experiential branding, digital marketing, and the latest technology to bring “zoom” results, you won’t be disappointed by Pam.

Click here to find the Social Media Zoom Factor on iTunes.


8. Marketing Over Coffee

best-marketing-podcasts-0899 episodes
Submits 2-5 times per month

Join hosts John Wall and Christopher Penn to hear a conversational, yet engaging discussion on the latest trends and news in marketing.

Click here to find Marketing Over Coffee on iTunes.


7. Connect, Engage, Inspire Podcast

best-marketing-podcasts-07100 episodes
Submits 1-2 times per week

Host Danny Iny helps listeners build an engaged audience that connects with their business’s humanity with his data-packed, implementable tips and information on topics like social media marketing, content and inbound marketing, email copywriting, search engine optimization (SEO), and more.

Click here to find the Connect, Engage, Inspire Podcast on iTunes.


6. Content Marketing Podcast

best-marketing-podcasts-06109 episodes
Submits once per week

If you’d like truly informative and interesting advice on content marketing and its importance, then you won’t want to miss what hostess Rachel Parker has to say.

Click here to find the Content Marketing Podcast on iTunes.


5. Content Warfare Podcast

best-marketing-podcasts-05112 episodes
Submits once per week

Each week, host Ryan Hanley interviews marketing’s best content creators to get their tips and secrets for winning the battle for readers’ attention. Join Ryan and his guests to hear discussions on topics like audience-building, content marketing, social media, and writing.

Click here to find the Content Warfare Podcast online.


4. Social Media Marketing Podcast

best-marketing-podcasts-04133 episodes
Submits once per week

Host Michael Stelzner has new experts each week to talk about how successful businesses are using new social media marketing strategies and tactics.

Click here to find the Social Media Marketing Podcast on iTunes.


3. Social Pros Podcast

best-marketing-podcasts-03147 episodes
Submits once per week

If you want advice from people that are actually doing social media work for real companies, then you’ll want to join host Jay Baer as he talks with social media managers. Listen in to hear advice from Jay and his “Social Pro” guests, new social media statistics, and social media and content marketing case studies.

Click here to find the Social Pros Podcast on iTunes.


2. Marketing Smarts

best-marketing-podcasts-02168 episodes
Submits once per week

Every week, hostess Kerry O’Shea Gorgone has in-depth interviews with all kinds of marketers. In 30 minutes or less, you’ll get insightful, actionable advice that will help you market smarter.

Click here to find the Marketing Smarts podcast on iTunes.


1. Six Pixels of Separation

best-marketing-podcasts-01448 episodes
Submits once per week

Host Mitch Joel gives his dynamic, insightful, and sometimes challenging thoughts on marketing and social media from a digital marketing perspective. Listen in for advice and tips you can begin using today.

Click here to find the Six Pixels Of Separation podcast on iTunes.

Did any of these pique your interest? Be sure to subscribe to them! Following some of the best marketing podcasts available will keep you current with the latest news and trends in the industry, making you an increasingly valuable asset to your team and to your clients.

Are there any podcasts you think should be on this list? Let us know in a comment below!

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