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by Tiffany Nix • 1 minute read

Each week, in our Mid-Week Marketing Mash-Up, we bring you the advice of five must-read marketing articles in just two minutes or less.

Just in the last 12 months, the world's browsing activity on mobile devices increased from 13% to 20%—keep in mind, that's out of all internet usage—and it's only projected to grow at an even faster rate. So, what does this mean for your business? Of course, it means you need to be ready. And that means right now! Check out these trends and statistics to help you optimize your business for a mobile world... and fast.

  1. It’s 2014—Is Your Content Mobile Ready?: 20 percent of all internet traffic now belongs to smartphones and tablets. So, how will you ensure that those mobile users have a positive experience? Mobile sites, responsive website design, and/or mobile apps are all ways to achieve this. When writing for mobile viewers, consider length (keep it short), formatting, line spacing, and font size. Also, be sure that your images and video are optimized correctly. Make sure your users aren't having to zoom in and out to read text or view media—that creates a negative experience.
  2. 3 Strategies To Grow Mobile Revenue: "In the age of the connected consumer, it’s no longer enough to be 'mobile friendly.'" First, don't rely on traditional cookie data to track consumer activity—"20-25% of adults visit websites from 4 different devices each week." Instead, consider the power of using a social login to unify the consumer's experience across all devices. Second, responsive design is now just the status quo. To stay ahead of the curve, "find ways to amplify [experiences] to reach consumers with hyper-relevant, real-time messaging via mobile." Third, convert customers through touch, not type. Most mobile shopping carts are abandoned because of the multiple steps that are required, but difficult to complete on a mobile device. Offer ways to pay that will automatically populate information, rather than asking your user to input everything manually.
  3. How To Create A Mobile-First Content Marketing Strategy: Mobile-optimize your content marketing strategy in order to make the most of the time mobile visitors are engaging with your content. Focus on localized content—try figuring out what local consumers are searching for using Google Trends. Understand that mobile search intent is different than desktop search intent. Leverage video marketing (use Google Trends to check out YouTube searches). Optimize your web forms for conversion on mobile devices—the less typing, the better. Make sure your design is touch-friendly—"in the absence of a cursor, clicking on an exact element on a smartphone screen can often become difficult."
  4. The Insane Amount Of Mobile Data You Consume While Traveling [Infographic]: "88% of leisure travelers choose their smartphones as the number one must-have device while on vacation." This creates "a unique opportunity for marketers who are targeting those on the go, and new to the city they are visiting." Click through to see the statistics on the infographic.
  5. Importance Of Local Businesses Being Found On Mobile Devices [Infographic]: “88% of consumers who search for a type of local business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours." "7 out of 10 mobile users interact with their devices in the store while they are shopping"—a golden opportunity to connect to your consumer through social media in a creative way. "Half of mobile users use a local search/map to find businesses." "Almost 8 out of every 10 mobile users have used their devices for shopping related activities."

Smartphones and tablets accounted for 24% of Nectafy's website traffic last month. How many of your website visitors are mobile? Do you know? Let us know your stats in a comment below!

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