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How To Manage Inbound Marketing With One Spreadsheet

Blog / How To Manage Inbound Marketing With One Spreadsheet
by Lance Cummins on

Inbound Marketing Workbook

I want to give you a tool that will make your inbound marketing come together in a powerful way.

But first, let me explain why it's such a big deal.

Inbound marketing can be pretty overwhelming.

Just today I was talking with a marketing manager who is struggling with the sheer number of things that have to be done to make inbound marketing work. It's a far cry from the easy button. I love HubSpot, but they make inbound marketing sound like it's really no big deal to execute on top of the hundred other things you're already doing.

Yeah right.

You're busy, and adding another 40-60 hours of work each month to generate content for your inbound marketing campaign is completely unrealistic. You need to have the right tool to make it as efficient as possible.

Download The Busy CEO's Content Management Workbook

Our Inbound Marketing Spreadsheet

I've been impressed with how my team has developed one simple, yet powerful tool that they use to run all of our inbound marketing for clients.

But when I say "simple," I guess maybe I should clarify. This inbound marketing workbook has 11 tabs chock-full of exactly what you need to make inbound marketing fire on all eight cylinders.

For a while, our team talked about formatting it so our readers could just plug in their numbers and go. But since I love it when we pull back the curtain and show you exactly what we use, I decided we should just pack up one of our workbooks that is already full of data, so you can actually see how it's done. Plus, you'll get a ton of ideas just looking through the document.

I'm actually a little scared that we're giving this away... but that's just the point. We want to help you succeed at inbound marketing, even if that means you do this stuff on your own instead of partnering with us.

So, would you do me a favor? Would you download our workbook, take a look around it, and then give me some feedback?


Lance Cummins

Lance Cummins