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So Long, Inbound Marketing. We’re Nectafy, The Growth Content Company [VIDEO]

Blog / So Long, Inbound Marketing. We’re Nectafy, The Growth Content Company [VIDEO]
by Lance Cummins on

We have huge news: Nectafy is officially no longer an inbound marketing company.

Starting now, we are the growth content company.

After five years of using the term “inbound marketing agency,” we’ve honed in on exactly what we excel at—and that’s what we call growth content. At Nectafy, we help brainiac B2B companies drive traffic, leads, and future customers through world-class content—content that helps your business grow.

To reiterate, the highest value we bring to our clients is through the content we offer.

We’re the growth content company rather than an inbound marketing company because all the things that fall under inbound marketing—tracking, automation, etc.—is meaningless without growth content.

Why is a game-changer for our clients? It’s all explained in this short video.

Once you’ve watched, you might have questions or want to know more about why we made this change. Just let us know what you’re thinking in a comment, or email me and I’ll get back to you.

And here’s the link to Henry’s article I mentioned in the video: How HubSpot Killed Inbound Marketing.

We’re so excited, guys. Can’t wait to share this with all of you.

Lance Cummins

Lance Cummins