What in the world is a NectaPlan?

A NectaPlan is the foundation work that allows us to generate amazing results with growth content. Here's what's included.

One Fully Developed Buyer Persona

  • We’ll define and develop one buyer persona, that includes job title, role, and challenges. When we’re finished, you’ll have an in-depth written profile of your persona and how you can meet their needs. This process requires two hours of interviews between your team and our team to find out more about your main persona. (If, in this process, it is determined that your company needs to develop additional personas, or needs us to interview your clients directly we’ll quote those additional personas separately.)

Buyer Question Matrix

  • We’ll help you complete your buyer question matrix, which is a powerful tool that identifies the questions and problems for each persona at each stage of the buyer funnel—top, middle, and bottom. These questions include anything your persona would ask that could lead them to you, so they play an integral role in creating your growth content calendar.

Target Keyword List

  • We’ll conduct comprehensive keyword research based on the buyer question matrix, brainstormed ideas, analysis of competitors’ websites, and Google recommendations. Our approach to keyword research has proven to be effective in many B2B industries, because we look at typical search data and choose opportunities based on the potential for fastest growth; we also focus on the keywords that give us a realistic chance of attracting visitors that turn into quality leads. Based on those results, we target the 20 most critical keywords and an additional list beyond the top 20 (typically about 100 keywords in all). 

Growth Content Formula

  • Depending on your existing success at growing organic traffic and how mature your online marketing efforts are, we’ll create a growth content formula that you will use to determine what types of content to publish and how often they should be published. 

Growth Content Calendar

  • We’ll create a content calendar that serves as the foundation for the specific topics you should write about for your first eight pieces of growth content. This is the primary tool that determines whether your content efforts succeed or flop, so we'll make sure you've got it right. You'll receive the top eight most effective topics, complete with titles and key SEO strategies to help your site generate traffic.

Want more info?

All of our engagements begin with a NectaPlan, and start at $4,500.